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Earth Signs-


Tactile, sensual, loyal, relaxed, easygoing, patient, practical, likes to be invited and feel wanted.


Focused, skillful, intelligent, clean discerning, sincere, wishes to be heard, respected and trusted.


Ambitious, wise, understanding, responsible, disciplined, needs respect to be allowed to organize.

Fire Signs-


Active, assertive, independent, leading, expressive, energetic, Needs self expression and independence.


Playful, creative, fun, hearty, passionate.  Demands to be loved and appreciated.


Adventurous, honest, knowledgeable, Requires honesty in others and benefits from adventures.

Air Signs-


intellectually curious, communicative, light, spontaneous, playful, witty, Needs to communicate and be regarded as interesting.


Charming, diplomatic, romantic, polite, considerate, Wants romance and caring consideration


Exciting, different, rebellious, friendly, compassionate, Demands the freedom to be him/herself.

Water Signs-


Caring, affectionate, loving, sensitive, protective, Craves affection and needs leeway to be moody.


Passionate, feeling, deep, loving, loyal, empathetic, Must be deeply emotionally expressive.


Trusting, intuitive, sensitive, mediumistic, peaceful, imaginative, Ask for trust in return and to be given space.


Each person’s chart is unique and provides information that no other source can.  Although fairly easy to construct, their complex interweaving energies are much harder to interpret.  Charts are available by mail order or on the internet; you’ll need to know the place, date and time of your birth.

To assess the Venus/Mars influence, you’ll need to find the position of Venus or Mars in your birth chart (depending on whether you are a man or a woman) then, refer to the keywords under the relevant sign to discover what qualities you should seek in a partner.  Think about your important relationships.  Did partners you were happiest with exhibit a large number of these qualities?  Did failed relationships, or difficult ones, lack the qualities indicated as necessary for a good relationships?

A person’s rising sign or ascendant is important.  It governs the way we express ourselves.  Therefore, if you know when your partner was born, check his or her rising sign, or ascendant, as it will be a major influence on him or her.

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