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Frequently Asked Questions A few answers to questions we get in our inbox from time to time.

Each jewelry order is handcrafted just for you. In most cases, your jewelry order will ship within 2 weeks. You will receive an email once your item(s) has shipped.

 We ship USPS Priority so your pieces are automatically insured and have tracking information so you know when they will be at your door.

All pieces are packaged in a small box with a ribbon or bag, depending on the piece. Special gift wrap is available for an additional cost of $5 – and it will look fantastic!

Call the order in to: 512.461.7019

Always store your colored stone jewelry in dark drawers, pouches, or boxes as prolonged light exposure will fade naturally colored or color-enhanced gemstones. Metals can tarnish in prolonged air exposure, especially in humid or salt-air environments. Also, avoid chemicals such as shampoos and soaps; be sure to remove all jewelry before bathing or swimming.

However, it is good to wear jewelry often as the skin’s natural oils keep metals and gemstones clean and conditioned.

To clean jewelry rinse gently in tepid water and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. Be sure the piece is completely dry to prevent corrosion.