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Custom Designs    lauras-0610ear

Let your jewelry reflect your individuality with a custom creation. Consider creating an original or redesigning an existing piece of jewelry that’s been passed on to you, or one that you just haven’t worn for a while. The joy of wearing something you designed is a truly unparalleled experience. You’ll treasure it for a lifetime, and it can be a wonderful heirloom for your family.


img2060-copyRedesign Existing Jewelry

Have you had a piece of jewelry in your jewelry box forever, and you just don’t wear it?

Has a special item been passed on to you from a favorite family member, but you don’t like how it looks?

We can take that jewelry and design a whole new look – turning your old piece into something wonderfully new. We can modernize an old setting, recreate an estate, or take stones from 2 or 3 rings, and create a whole new design.